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Protesting farmers draw red line: ‘Separatists should stay away from movement if they are our well-w

Cautious of their struggle being hijacked post the January 26 violence in Delhi, farmers from Punjab feel that hardliners should not try to push their ideology through the fight against Centre’s controversial farm laws. They said that such elements have only ended up strengthening the government’s hands and bringing a bad name to a legitimate fight.

Dasuya (Hoshiarpur) farmer Lakhbir Singh, who is a regular visitor to the Singhu Border protest site, said that separatist or Khalistani elements should stay away from the movement.

“If they are really well-wishers of the protesting farmers they should stop giving statements as per their own ideologies. The government is trying to find one or other loophole since day one in our movement and such wrong statements by these separatists would be linked with our pious farm movement by the government,” he said.

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